Design: 1998 | Situation: competition project | Team: F. Steccanella, M. Montuori, G. Carnevale, M.R. Pastore, C. Bassetti, M. D’Accordi, M. Ferracuti

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Due to the big size of the project area, we choose a strong and clear concept that could lead the design from urban to architectural scale. We individuated 5 layers: program, road system, linear park, buildings and topography. The first band, bounded by the banks of the channel La Masinata, was suggested to be transformed for rural uses; the second band, bounded by the pine forest of San Francesco, for touristic and recreational activities, considering the presence of the shores; the third band, extended from the beach to the Napoli road, for the enhancement of natural interest;  the fourth and fifth bands, between Mercadante,  Bellini and  Maratona road, for high density housing; the sixth band, occupied by the fair and the stadium, for sport activities; for the seventh band, due to the presence of abandoned buildings, for education and research area; the last band, in the west part of the area, for museums and conference halls.