Design: 2008 | Situation: competition project – second place | Team: F. Steccanella, F. Foresto, N. Sutto, M. Foytik, M. Rossi, N. Falcomer

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The area towards the Sile river, freed of the bus station buildings and facilities, will be converted to public open space for pedestrian and bicycle, equipped with resting areas. The car park, realized at a lower level, becomes minimally invasive. The bastion is reconnected through stairs placed at the top of the perimeter of the ancient walls, a third block of stairs is positioned centrally to the area. The area of the former gasometer is converted to a park equipped with  gravel paved paths. The gasometer stores are emptied and, keeping only the outer walls, are converted into thematic gardens.Three multi-storey housebuildings are arranged on the north-south axis of the lot, between the bastion and the area below, creating a feeling of connection between the two levels. The main facades of the buildings, raised on pillars, free the ground level for the benefit of the public. To strengthen the connection with the city, a path was placed in a central position that connects the bastion with Viale Cadorna, through a new pavement and a series of green areas. A cycle-pedestrian bridge allows the crossing of the river and the connection between the two new poles.