di che doccia sei / Stalactite / concrete / cocal


Design: 2012 | Situation: competition project | Team: F. Steccanella, G.Astolfo

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Rollaway crystal panels, attached to the floor. A “stalactite”, suspended on the ceiling, emphasizes the Ponsi shower head, a thin blade which contains pipes, taps and eventually led lights for chromotherapy.The element can be made of chromed steel or glass, with pipes in view.


A continuous element which turns from walls into floor and then into wall again, gently folding. Inside, a fiberglass structure on which a 5 mm mortar layer is fixed. The element, placed against the wall, is opened on both sides while the front wall,  which can be drilled with ease and is provided with a recess, can function as a support for a sink, a radiator or any other kind of furniture. All the elements are supplied in separate parts, in order to ease transport, and can be assembled on-site


A folded metal sheet made of alluminium supports the shower head and hold in its cavity the pipes, relying on a deck made of the same material inlay worked. The deck extends into a component of wooden slats natural brushed. Designed for outdoor spaces, such as beaches and pools