Design: 2001 | Construction:  2002 | Situation: competition  project – selected project “Piccinato”  | Prize 2007/ first Place 2011 | Team: F. Steccanella, J. Zanchi

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The project is a reconfiguration, or rather a restoration of the urban open space: it aims to reconnect slopes and connect or separate spaces. It is based on the “modesty” of the intervention: the desire to do as little as possible, not only for a programmatic minimalism, but even for a “semantics economy.” The urban space in the Via Roma, called since the late forties of the last century “town square”, while in the economic and physical constraints, tries to present itself as a horizontal sculpture, made of a single material (strips of trachyte stone); the urban furniture is coordinated (benches-lamps-baskets) to become a sort of Ariadne’s thread that accompanies the visitor and inextricably linked to the various functional areas, from the Basilica to the “port” on the river. The inclusion of the archaeological remains of the Roman era in the urban space means including them in the city life, expanding the “museum”, adding a new “room” and reorganizing the existing.