Design: 2000 | Situation: competition project – honorable mention | Team: F. Steccanella, E. Baracco, A. Sandron

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The belltower: must we see it as a sign of humanity that reaches out to the divine, or, in the opposite direction, since the Christian God became man? And then must it be subject to the same law of gravity of the human being who erects it, or must it be subject to other gravity, since it is also a symbol of spiritual nature? Building a tower has always been a manifestation of social and economic force and that, place the clock on the top of it, was synonymous of time control: today the rhythms of life are absolutely subjective and globalization of communications allows daily and night simultaneity to point that the historical meanings are deprived of their value at the same speed with which you consume a commercial product: the time now flows “alone.” It remains what we might call “performance-celebration” of the community that is expressed in the construction of a bell tower, perhaps it is like talking about advertising ….