Renewation of Piazzale Matteotti

concordia sagittaria, venice, italy/2004-2008

Design: 2004 | Construction: 2008 | Situation: urban renewal | Team: F.Steccanella , R.Galasso

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The recent expansion of the city of Concordia has invaded the left bank of the river Lemene; in this area, despite the fact that there are many municipal offices, a school complex and several craft activities, there is a lack of facilities (infrastructures, walkways, cycle paths, parking lots), and the area generally appears as fragmented and degradated.
The project, consisting of sloping walls at different heights, aims to implement the green area, articulate new walking paths, connect new cycle paths with existing ones, separate pedestrian and vehicular traffic both physically and visually through inclined walls. The walls are 1 meter high to allow the view towards the river; benches are hang  on the walls.