improvement and preservation of the territory

concordia sagittaria, venice, italy/2003

Design: 2003 | Situation: Preliminary Study | Customer: municipality of Concordia Sagittaria | Team: F.Steccanella,  R. Piccolo, A. Ambrosio, A.M. Zoppè


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The project aims to draft a “network” of historic and archaeological routes that will cover the entire grounds of the ancient Roman city. These routes, indicated by walkways, reach the monumental area of the historical center, the archaeological area of the Thermae (III century a.c.), the remains of houses, the theater, the wells and the remains of a bridge (attributable to the I, II, century a.c.). Thematic routes, alternative to the main roads, will consist of pedestrian streets and tree-lined paths. Along the routes, they will be reassembled and brought to light fragments and ancient relics.