ca’ rossa landfill

chioggia, venice, italy/2000

Design: 2000 | Situation: reclaimation | Team: F. Steccanella, G. Carnevale, M. Montuori

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The key point of the project proposal concerns the availability of two areas, in the north and south of the band occupied by the building of the Discarica. This choice, as well as allowing a more gradual connection of the open spaces with the topography, allows us the planting of trees with root systems of great consistency. In both areas are located parking lots, hidden by the fold of the soil, and are planted trees of wild fruit species with two different arrangements: linearly or located within precincts, accessible to the public, reminiscent of walled orchards. In each of these areas have been provided two ponds and artificial reservoirs, bounded with reeds. The area is crossed by pedestrian paths; the “rooms” that will be created are fences of different sizes, used for sports or leisure (i.e. to skate and play). The perimeters of the “rooms” are made from stone gabions. The “stars” are small natural and shady resting places. The rooms and the stars allowed us to draw a landscape between artifice and nature and dialogue with what exists.