Design: 2012-2013 | Situation: competition project | Customer: CHIROS italia| Team: F.Steccanella, G.Astolfo, M.Forlese, F.Foresto

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A concept store based on the idea of flexibility
The contemporary stores are not only stores, but spaces with a mix of uses.
For this reason they must be based on the idea of flexibility, being adaptable to different programs and for various events.

The prototype that we present can be adapted to different spaces, such as a wide open space, a narrow space, a L-shape space. It houses components that can be combined, removed, adjusted, as the central element (four walls with niches) or the peripheral element (trolleys).

The “cubes” can be completely removed and stocked in the warehouse,
when a major event will take place (such a presentation of the new collection
that request a wide open space); the “sliding shelves” can be adjusted
to exhibit garments with different size.