N’DJAMENA, TCHAD/2008-2009

Design: 2008-2009 | Construction: 2009 | Situation: Interior design | Customer: Presotto contract | Team: F. Steccanella, G.Astolfo, F.Foresto; | collaborators: N.Sutto, D.Anzolin,

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The museum
We were asked to develop the interior design project for the new museum in the capital city of Ndjamena. The museum houses the most important national archeological finding: the “Toumai”. About the rest of the collection, we had few informations; so we designed different exhibitors that could house objects with different sizes.
The permanent exhibition occupies two levels, while the temporary one occupies the ground floor.
To give continuity to the entire building we designed a wood container painted black that houses all services and separates the exhibition area from other spaces (entrance, hall, auditorium, offices).

We were asked also to develop the interior design of the main library in Ndjamena. The building already exists and it is very similar to the museum. At the ground floor there is the main hall with bar, cloak room, conference hall. In the underground level we placed the archives and the mediatheque, while at the first and  second level there are the reading halls open to the public. Floors, ceilings and lighting system have already been made by local architects, so we choose only the colour of the walls.
All the furniture is in natural wood and black painted metal designed by us, except for the chairs.