oikia private housing estate

portogruaro, venice, italy/2006-2008

Design: 2006 | Construction: 2008 | Situation: executive project | Customer: Oikia s.r.l. | Portogruaro

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The project area is on a corner lot between Via Colombo and Via Nobile, the last lot remained free, oriented north-west; the new building will necessarily dialogue with existing ones. Each apartment of the new complex will have an independent access, parking and patios. The project consists of two volumes that have different rotations and are parallel to the streets, enclosing an inner court with gardens; the lower volume, oriented north-south, penetrates into the higher volume, oriented east-west, and extends beyond, ending in the stairwell. The higher volume stretches the roof to completely cover the smaller building. The volumes are deconstructed, fragmented, excavated, but maintain the identity of the generating forms