Town hall square and Lemene river’s right bank renewal – 40 Italian Architects under 40 – Young designers in Exhibition Special edition of the magazine “Costruire

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Ancient roman colony of the Adriatic sea, Concordia Sagittaria is today a small town with very important archaeological witnesses to its history; it has always been linked to the Lemene river as element connecting to the sea. Francesco Steccanella (with Jacopo Zanchi) awarded the competition for the renewal of the municipal plaza and the right bank of the river with this beautiful project, completely based on the horizontality. Working on the details, like in a bas-relief he designs leveling of a few centimeters. The result originates different levels, that despite being coplanar, give new quality to the important buildings on the square.
Where he does not use the trachyte, he operates with the metal like, for example, on the watershed or on the floor lighting. Objects involved with new terms, which connect the various points of the project, organizing it by according functionality rather than by hierarchies. The road that leads to the bridge becomes in that way a terrace on the riverside with a linear seating system on which ancient rests adapt themselves, while the waters of the Lemene river lap the wooden pier with its actual and net profile.
The modernity embraces the memory.

Luca Maria Francesco Fabbris
“Costruire” nr. 269, October 2005 – Segesta Publisher Milan