100% under 40 – Young designers in Exhibition Special edition of the magazine “Costruire”

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The complex is spread along the axis road, drawing a filiform element that welcomes, despite its distinct
personality, the interference from nearby buildings.
The volume on the front road goes down and protects a pre-existing unit. The system of pillars that connects the two parts of the structure appears like irregular stems  that defuse its materiality.
Continuing north we encounter other interferences, where the top roof goes down and the balcony gets
closer to the main side liberating part of the original facade, creating a volumetric disconnection.
The first floor and the mansard roof along with the parapets of the terraces with their massivness interact with the velocity; from the other hand the ground floor is a system of voids, a permeable front dedicated to perceptivity which binds to the slowness. A driven path, punctuated with materials of different density, towards the internal court and new terraced houses, reinterpretation of the Dutch contemporary.

Luca Maria Francesco Fabris
“Costruire” nr. 331, 2010 – Segesta Publisher Milan