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oikia private housing estate

portogruaro, venice, italy/2006-2008 Design: 2006 | Construction: 2008 | Situation: executive project | Customer: Oikia s.r.l. | Portogruaro ← Projects The project area is on a corner lot between Via Colombo and Via Nobile, the last lot remained free, oriented north-west; the new building will necessarily dialogue with existing ones. Each apartment of the new […]

“la magnolia” RESIDENCE

Mansuè, TV Italy Design: 2004 | Construction: 2009 | Situation: executive project | Customer: E.T.C. immobiliare Portogruaro ← Projects The project area is along the main road that lead to the small and compact city center of Mansuè. The project consists of a main building parallel the road, an inner court and a group of […]

beach pavillon

bibione, venice, italy/2008 Design: 2008 | Situation: Preliminary Study | Team: F.Steccanella, G.Astolfo   ← Projects The Major of a small touristic city in the venetian coast asked us to outline a preliminary design for a removable bioclimatic kiosk in the beach. The project is made by successive sections; it consists of a series of […]