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HANGZHOU, CHINA/2012-2013 Design: 2012-2013 | Situation: competition project | Customer: CHIROS italia| Team: F.Steccanella, G.Astolfo, M.Forlese, F.Foresto ← Projects A concept store based on the idea of flexibility The contemporary stores are not only stores, but spaces with a mix of uses. For this reason they must be based on the idea of flexibility, being […]

Corazza concept store

Huangzhou,China/2012-13 Design: 2012-13 | Construction: April 2013 | Customer: CORAZZA Italia | Team: F.Steccanella, G.Astolfo, M.Forlese, F.Foresto ← Projects   The  carved  sculpture The carved sculpture is a free assembled and not modular exhibitor with niches. It can be adapted to spaces different in shape and size, such as rectangular, L-shaped or long and narrow […]


N’DJAMENA, TCHAD/2008-2009 Design: 2008-2009 | Construction: 2009 | Situation: Interior design | Customer: Presotto contract | Team: F. Steccanella, G.Astolfo, F.Foresto; | collaborators: N.Sutto, D.Anzolin, ← Projects The museum We were asked to develop the interior design project for the new museum in the capital city of Ndjamena. The museum houses the most important national […]


Design: 2009 Construction:2009 | Situation: installation | honorable mention “Compasso d’oro ADI” Prize | Customer: Il Casone S.P.A. Fiorenzuola (FI)   ← Projects Sculpture, construction, protection; lytic, firm, solid. I would like to make the stone cladding float, to hang it, to reduce it into small plates to compose a curtain; I would like that […]

Via Bafile 322

Jesolo, Venice, Italy/2013 Design: 2013 | Construction: April 2013 | Situation: Interior design | Team: F.Steccanella, G.Astolfo ← Projects   This is an interior design project for a jewelry shop in the seaside town of Jesolo, near Venice. The shop is located in a corner lot and has two long glass showcases. The design is […]