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100% under 40 – Young designers in Exhibition Special edition of the magazine “Costruire”

← Press The complex is spread along the axis road, drawing a filiform element that welcomes, despite its distinct personality, the interference from nearby buildings. The volume on the front road goes down and protects a pre-existing unit. The system of pillars that connects the two parts of the structure appears like irregular stems  that […]

Experiment and dialogue

← Press Each project always comes out from a narrative will and “since the stage of meta-project, volumes, surfaces and materials begin to interact, influencing inevitably the architectural composition” because declining the materials, according to Francesco Steccanella, means producing vibrations. Born in 1971, architect, he works at the University of Udine and has a studio […]

UP_PESO Pavilion

← Press Sculpture, construction, protection; lytic, firm, solid. I would like to make the stone cladding float, to hang it, to reduce it into small plates to compose a curtain; I would like that these floating sheets, if cherished, could produce a lytic sound. I would like to perceive the stone as sound. The inlays […]

Piccinato Award third Edition _ 2007 Design the complexity Award for urbanistic and territorial planning

← Press Concordia Sagittaria conquered with its recent development  the left riverside of the Lemene river. This territorial evolution was not followed though by a simultaneous adjustment of the traffic roads and the urban renovation. We therefore note the inability to break away from certain functions that for better or for worse characterize the use, […]

Award for urbanistic and territorial planning

← Press I decided not to propose high building elements, three-dimensional, and sculptural: the project covers only a reconfiguration or rather a restoration of urban land. The urban space coincides with via Roma, called since the late forties of the last century “town square”, it tries to present itself as a horizontal sculpture, a bound […]

A perceptive approach

← Press The details shall express what the basic design idea demands in that given point of the object: union or disjunction, tension or lightness, friction, solidity, fragility. Peter Zumthor Through a look that Paul Klee would define “swarming” we tried to reverse to what precedes the form. With a kind of initial research we […]

Identity House

← Press Francesco Steccanella realized a home that does not come to compromises with the surrounding suburban area. He turns the interferences into design propositions. Who knows what Calvino would say today going through the lower right riverside of the Tagliamento river, suspended between Friuli and east Veneto region. From the beautiful landscape descriptions of […]

Town hall square and Lemene river’s right bank renewal – 40 Italian Architects under 40 – Young designers in Exhibition Special edition of the magazine “Costruire

← Press Ancient roman colony of the Adriatic sea, Concordia Sagittaria is today a small town with very important archaeological witnesses to its history; it has always been linked to the Lemene river as element connecting to the sea. Francesco Steccanella (with Jacopo Zanchi) awarded the competition for the renewal of the municipal plaza and […]