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Renewation of Piazzale Matteotti

concordia sagittaria, venice, italy/2004-2008 Design: 2004 | Construction: 2008 | Situation: urban renewal | Team: F.Steccanella , R.Galasso ← Projects The recent expansion of the city of Concordia has invaded the left bank of the river Lemene; in this area, despite the fact that there are many municipal offices, a school complex and several craft […]

improvement and preservation of the territory

concordia sagittaria, venice, italy/2003 Design: 2003 | Situation: Preliminary Study | Customer: municipality of Concordia Sagittaria | Team: F.Steccanella,  R. Piccolo, A. Ambrosio, A.M. Zoppè   ← Projects The project aims to draft a “network” of historic and archaeological routes that will cover the entire grounds of the ancient Roman city. These routes, indicated by […]

ca’ rossa landfill

chioggia, venice, italy/2000 Design: 2000 | Situation: reclaimation | Team: F. Steccanella, G. Carnevale, M. Montuori ← Projects The key point of the project proposal concerns the availability of two areas, in the north and south of the band occupied by the building of the Discarica. This choice, as well as allowing a more gradual […]