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Progetto prova

VERONA, ITALY/2009 Design: 2009 Construction:2009 Situation: installation – honorable mention “Compasso d’oro ADI” Prize Customer: Il Casone S.P.A. Fiorenzuola (FI) ← torna indietro     Sculpture, construction, protection; lytic, firm, solid. I would like to make the stone cladding float, to hang it, to reduce it into small plates to compose a curtain; I would […]

100% under 40 – Young designers in Exhibition Special edition of the magazine “Costruire”

← Press The complex is spread along the axis road, drawing a filiform element that welcomes, despite its distinct personality, the interference from nearby buildings. The volume on the front road goes down and protects a pre-existing unit. The system of pillars that connects the two parts of the structure appears like irregular stems  that […]

Identity House

← Press Francesco Steccanella realized a home that does not come to compromises with the surrounding suburban area. He turns the interferences into design propositions. Who knows what Calvino would say today going through the lower right riverside of the Tagliamento river, suspended between Friuli and east Veneto region. From the beautiful landscape descriptions of […]